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Cowboys Break: Moving Day | Dallas Cowboys 2022

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  • Opublikowany 14 mar 2023
  • The Dallas Cowboys had a busy Tuesday with plenty of roster moves from re-signings to trades. Which one helps the Cowboys the most?
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Komentarze • 87

  • MobbDeepFan Hawk
    MobbDeepFan Hawk 9 dni temu +22

    Gilmore a STEAL for a 5th round pick! Diggs Gilmore and Bland that's a very good trio! Love u Zeke and thanks for the memories but hopefully now we use that money for a proven WR like Hopkins or OBJ. Finally Cowboys making the right tough decisions.

    • Jason Ritzie
      Jason Ritzie 8 dni temu

      @Jody Wagner we may have them signed before that money becomes available. Zekes savings might sit there for a late season addition or a future contract. Only thing we know is they can’t use that for anyone right now

    • Jody Wagner
      Jody Wagner 8 dni temu

      @Jason Ritzie We have to have money to sign the draft class. Zekes savings will be used for that.

    • Jason Ritzie
      Jason Ritzie 8 dni temu +1

      We don’t have access to zekes cap savings until June 1st

    • abadi jaya
      abadi jaya 9 dni temu

      Draft d.washington or d.kinkaid or Kunzt

    • MobbDeepFan Hawk
      MobbDeepFan Hawk 9 dni temu +3

      ​@JJ Yeah we need an ESTABLISHED WR instead of drafting busts like Jalen Tolbert who didn't even dress for a game. So yeah I'm on the "name" WRs

  • Vincent Johnson
    Vincent Johnson 9 dni temu +8

    Gilmore for a COMP pick!! BRILLIANT
    Elliott, Brown, Guilford, McGovern Thank you for your service.

  • Erick English
    Erick English 9 dni temu +7

    Gilmore was a steal, and hopefully we can make something happen on the offensive end. We as a team draft well, so I'm sure we will address the needs after free agency!!

  • Johnny2by4
    Johnny2by4 9 dni temu +6

    Usually Ambar is annoying but I find that the whole show flows a lot better for everyone when she kind of directs the subject matter. Dallas making some damn good moves so far let’s keep it up and win a fucking ring already!

    • Juan Hermosillo
      Juan Hermosillo 9 dni temu +1

      Ambar is horrible!!!!! She laughs at everything.

  • JJ
    JJ 9 dni temu +1

    Great day yesterday by the front office. Getting two key defensive pieces and getting Gilmore for nothing was a huge win.

  • Michael
    Michael 9 dni temu +1

    Now that we can look at this defense. Damn exciting for real.You got Micah, you got Dan Quinn, you got Diggs and Gilmore, you got Donovan Wilson, Kearse and the back end covered. Despite all of this, Israel Maku is going to be your suprise. Watch this....a potential perrineal pro bowler if playing time go his way. Gillmore and Maku both are S Carolina alumn. Gillmore gonna seriously mentor this young man. Great things ahead for Israel Mukaumu. The man got something to show you for real. , you got LVE and some young very, very talented LBs, Cowboys can focus on the draft now to add a big boy, a run stopper to the middle DL. This 2023 Cowboys defense is gonna be absolte top drawer. We got all this and it aint like no fire sale thats going on in Philly. Now, please, go get something to help pick six prescott. I know he taking all the money he dont deserve. Dak Prescott need to be the first man up willing to restructure or even take less money. If he dont, run his ass outta town at first opportunity.

    LAMAR 9 dni temu +3

    Stephon Gilmore's veteran presence is going to help Trevon Diggs become an even better player moving forward and all the other CB's on the roster that are willing to learn. He can be a mentor on and off the field I love this move!

    • LAMAR
      LAMAR 4 dni temu

      @Devil Dog 💯Thats so true Diggs gets alot of crap about his tackling but he is still young and only played 3 seasons with 17 ints that is amazing. Im looking forward to seeing Gilmore and Diggs duo play together!

    • Devil Dog
      Devil Dog 6 dni temu +1

      Boy, do I agree with you! If we stop and think about it, Trevon Diggs hasn’t been playing DB but for a few years. Having a vet like Gilmore can only help a guy like Diggs, with all his talent!

  • Violet plays games
    Violet plays games 8 dni temu

    I love Ambers enthusiasm. Let's go

  • Gary Hester
    Gary Hester 9 dni temu

    Good stuff guys. Also maybe Zeke
    Can catch on as a center for someone ?

  • The AEW Guy
    The AEW Guy 9 dni temu +5

    I’m here for Brauddus

  • Trainer Joe
    Trainer Joe 9 dni temu +1

    Matt Farniok (6'5"...311) is actually bigger than McGovern (6'5"...308)...referring to their discussion on guard body type!

  • Red Leader
    Red Leader 9 dni temu +1

    Hopefully they keep making good moves. 5th for Gilmore is a good deal. Steele and Smith are a good combo. Don’t screw with Smith. Leave him at LT!!! Draft smart. Get money position s in rounds 1-3 and go from there.

  • Big Red TLC
    Big Red TLC 9 dni temu +2

    Ambar Frickin' count at 3, I believe. God bless her.

  • Devil Dog
    Devil Dog 6 dni temu

    It’s about time we started making these types of great deals FOR OUR TEAM. Now if they can do the same (we’ll, we’re not going to get DHop for a 5th but Do not go any further than a 2nd Rounder for his services). And that’s another thing about DHop: he’s old, for a football player at 30 (he turns 31 during the season).

  • Bruce Plenderleith
    Bruce Plenderleith 9 dni temu +1

    Leighton was Sean Lee's apprentice, he is like the new Sean lee, we play better with him.

  • robert haile
    robert haile 9 dni temu +1

    I think Smith #77 and Smith#73 at LG with Steal back at RT would be a strong Oline along with the other two positions C,RG, question do we have a gr8 Oline coach? I dont know because there was opposing Dlines blowing up our Oline over the last couple years. so tell if you know

  • scott klein
    scott klein 4 dni temu

    Nick is 100% correct. Just like moving Byron Jones from CB to safety just because he was athletic and could do it, Tyler Smith moving backwards and forward from LT to LG will stunt his progression similarly.

  • purtis99
    purtis99 9 dni temu +1

    Moved on from Troy and Emmitt

  • Ryker44
    Ryker44 9 dni temu +2

    Jack Campbell, pick him at 58. Put a little more muscle on him and he’s a LVE clone except healthier.

  • Stanley Moton
    Stanley Moton 9 dni temu +1

    I’m on the break DC4L from south Jersey

  • Ms. Felony Strutter
    Ms. Felony Strutter 9 dni temu +3

    From day one we screwed up the drafting of Luke Gifford......he is much more than what we just used him as.....again we screwed that up.

    • Devil Dog
      Devil Dog 6 dni temu

      I WISH he was as good as Sean Lee!

  • Dorian Morningstar
    Dorian Morningstar 9 dni temu

    Still don’t mean jack shyte if they don’t draft a WR in at LEAST the second round OR get DeAndre Hopkins…

  • Han Nguyen
    Han Nguyen 9 dni temu +1

    to AG point the D looks good right now ! but didn't they looks good last year too on papers !

  • TheGreekbull
    TheGreekbull 9 dni temu +1

    We absolutely have to get a top tier receiver addon...get Hopkins...we know he will be cheap! And resign Fowler and that is the best FA offseason we would've had since the 90s...

    • Devil Dog
      Devil Dog 6 dni temu

      Obviously, he’s too expensive for us. I believe the hang up is in the Draft Pick compensation.

  • PDX_CowboysFan
    PDX_CowboysFan 9 dni temu +1

    Who else skips past her questions to get to their responses?

  • Jody Wagner
    Jody Wagner 8 dni temu +2

    How about Philly not releasing Darius Slay until AFTER we traded for Gilmore. Shady! I can’t stand Philly.

    • Devil Dog
      Devil Dog 6 dni temu +1

      I think they re-signed him!

  • operadoc
    operadoc 9 dni temu +1

    Receiver, guard, dt, rb. Play Tyler at tackle, tyron swing tackle, draft or sign a guard

    • operadoc
      operadoc 9 dni temu

      @Kenny 10 we need to get a receiver and draft one

    • Kenny 10
      Kenny 10 9 dni temu

      This receiver groups is not great this year and definitely not where we pick - I think we need to get a seasoned Vet like Hopkins

  • Stanley Moton
    Stanley Moton 9 dni temu

    Derek on vacation 😂

  • Ed Gordon
    Ed Gordon 9 dni temu

    BOY, did you guys bury the lead on this episode, lol. I think the main thing people wanted to hear about today WAS the Zeke situation. You guys waited until the last segment to get to it, smh. 😒
    Anyway, it IS time to finally move on from Zeke. Wouldn't even want him if he decided to play for FREE. We can find a much cheaper back from somewhere that can at LEAST do what Zeke can CURRENTLY do, if not MORE.

    • JJ
      JJ 9 dni temu +1

      Not really. I tuned in to hear their take on Gilmore and what happened yesterday. The Zeke news isn't anything we didn't already know, plus they record this in the morning.

    DENNIS BECKWITH 9 dni temu

    zeke- will go the Bucks, but be messed up if the eagles use him.

  • Kyle Leinen
    Kyle Leinen 9 dni temu +1

    Tyron at LT, Tyler at LG. Bring in an interior O-lineman in FA or draft to compete with Farniok. Waletzko at swing tackle. I trust Tyler can kick out to tackle with no issue.

    • Devil Dog
      Devil Dog 6 dni temu

      I wouldn’t put Tyron in to Start, anywhere. Based on history, he’s good for 3-4 games. Why waste them at the start of the season? Tyler @ LT, Steele @ RT, Martin @ RG and a Draft Pick or FA or Trade for LG.

    • Kenny 10
      Kenny 10 9 dni temu +1

      I think Waletzko is going to surprise a lot of people he is going to be Good

  • Dak Delusional fans With more excuses

    With Gilmore this a Super Bowl defense with Hankins and another run stopping DT but dak is still the big if the defense must hold teams in playoffs to 15 points

  • Han Nguyen
    Han Nguyen 9 dni temu

    and BB compared Gilmore to Deon , in my opinions isn't the same ! "Prime" was one of a kind like TB12 , Gilmore isn't

  • Creative ways To throw games

    time for Brian to go pure bald. stop clutching onto the last of that hair boss

  • abadi jaya
    abadi jaya 9 dni temu

    Draft BAA

  • PDX_CowboysFan
    PDX_CowboysFan 9 dni temu +1

    She is 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Deo Alvarez
    Deo Alvarez 9 dni temu

    Steele was are best lineman

  • Michael Monroe
    Michael Monroe 9 dni temu

    Ambaaaar ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

  • Isaac Orellana
    Isaac Orellana 9 dni temu +1


  • Danny Savage
    Danny Savage 9 dni temu

    Trading foe 1 player is not testing the waters

    • JJ
      JJ 9 dni temu

      If sports makes you miserable why do you watch?

    • Tdog58
      Tdog58 9 dni temu

      Come on Danny. They also signed 2 key defensive players.

  • Matthew Geddis
    Matthew Geddis 9 dni temu +2

    Cowboys are a Thief in the Night, Stealing Gilmore from the Colts for a 5th round pick! 😊

  • Lampo55
    Lampo55 9 dni temu


  • Benjamin Garza
    Benjamin Garza 9 dni temu +1

    Thank God derek is absent today

    • Benjamin Garza
      Benjamin Garza 9 dni temu

      @JJ fuck no I just think the show is better without him.

  • ghanjahman
    ghanjahman 9 dni temu

    Bryan with fake news. Both rbs were injured after Steele left. Tyron was blocking for busted running backs while Steele had fresh ones.